UF/IFAS Extension Administration

UF/IFAS Extension Administration

Annual Reporting


Report Of Accomplishments and Plan Of Work.


Faculty Assignment Report and Effort Reporting

Tenure/Permanent Status/Promotion

Tenure/Permanent Status/Promotion packet information and resources.

Appraisal Forms

Annual Appraisal Forms

Affirmation Action

Affirmative Action report/statement examples, resources and basics.

Partners for Progress

This report indicates expenditures the University of Florida contributes towards extension services in each of the 67 Florida counties.

Workloads & Impacts

UF/IFAS must report certain data to the state of Florida and to USDE to continue receiving land grant funding. Click for more information and resources.

County Program Reviews

Each year, selected counties undergo an external review by a team of IFAS state specialists and county agents from other counties. Click for more information and resources.

Customer Satisfication Survey

Thirteen counties are randomly selected for the annual customer satisfaction survey. Click for more information and resources.

Faculty Management

The purpose of this section is to define how county governemnts should be involved in the annual performance evaluation of the CED when that individual is jointly employed by UF/IFAS and the County.

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