Faculty Assignment Report and Effort Reporting

The Faculty Assignment Report (FAR) is completed for all faculty members prior to each semester and is updated during the semester as assignments change. It is the first step in the reporting process and should agree with what is reported in the Effort system. Information input into the Semester Faculty Assignment system is utilized to capture federal and state requirements for mandatory and voluntary cost sharing, project activity, and to place individual faculty members on Smith-Lever funds to meet our required multi-state and integrated activities.

FAR Process

  1. The District Extension Director (DED) will request from you each semester what your planned activities are in the areas:
    • Instructional Activity
    • Research
    • Administration and Services
    • Cooperative Extension
    • Other
    • Sabbatical/Leave of Absence
  2. After gathering this info the DED will enter the information into the system. Once entered Faculty will receive an email with the subject line "Your FAR is Ready for Your Review." Follow the link in the email to proceed with acknowledge of the FAR.
  3. If during the semester there are changes in your assignment your DED will work with you to update your FAR accordingly.

Definitions for Documenting Multi-State Activities

Multi-state activities means collaborative efforts that reflect the programs of institutions located in at least two or more states or territories. Multi-state activities may be carried out in person, on the phone, by U.S. post office, email, etc. In other words, contact does not have to be one-on-one.

Overall objectives may be the same (e.g., "weed control in cotton" or "nutrition education to reduce diet-related diseases"), while specific objectives may differ (e.g., Florida is more interested in working on mechanical weed control in cotton or diabetes education, while Georgia wants to work on chemical weed control in cotton or nutrition as it relates to heart disease). These are just examples; work with your DED if you have questions.

Funding for multi-state activities can be as simple as a person's own salary or may involve grants and other forms of outside funding. Funding does not have to involve any transfer of money between states.

If you have any questions about the definitions of Multi-state activities, please email...

Effort Reporting

Several months after the end of each semester the University generates an effort report based upon your submitted FAR and payroll data. This information is reported to federal and state agencies. The purpose is to review performance and support the facilities and administrative rate negotiated between the University and the government (OMB Circular A-21, Revised).