UF/IFAS Extension Administration

UF/IFAS Extension Administration


Find information below on travel & expense, time & labor, purchasing, grants, county program budgets, county bank accounts, objectives, impact statements, success stories and more.

CED - Teaching Assessments by CEDs

Here you will find CED specific information and documents for teaching assessments of faculty.

CED Strategic Planning

Here you will find CED specific information and documents for strategic planning.

Ranks, Titles, Responsibilities & Position Descriptions for County Extension Faculty

Here you will find appropriate documents and resources related to County Extension Faculty.

Extension Program Enhancement

Guidelines for County Extension Faculty to help develop strategies for Extension Program Enhancement.

Travel & Expense

Here you will find information on TAs, ERs, as well as Trainings.

Advisory Committees

Here you will find information on UF/IFAS Extension Advisory Committees.


Here you will find information on Grants, Pre/Post-Award.


Here you will find general information on Purchasing.

Time & Labor

Information regarding appropriate Trainings.

County Bank Accounts

Policies and Procedures that all County Extension Offices should follow when handling money (checks, cash, credit, or other financial instruments) associated with Extension programs, sales, or any services provided under the auspices of the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service.