To receive travel reimbursement, you will need to take the online travel course. To access it, go to Peoplesoft's Main Menu:

  1. Click on "My Self Service"
  2. Click on "Training and Development"
  3. Click on blue hyperlink "Request Training Enrollment"
  4. Click on blue hyperlink "Search by Course Number"
  5. Type in PST930 and click "Search"
  6. Click on "View Available Sessions"
  7. Click on blue hyperlink "0001-Online"
  8. Click on Enroll and complete the course

When you have completed the training, please contact Andres Varela at He is our Fiscal Operations Coordinator and he will initiate getting you the travel security role. Typically you will be able to start entering travel information within 3-5 business days.

The following PDF contains the PowerPoint slides from the travel training, which will assist you in entering travel authorizations (TAs) and expense reports (ERs). Also helpful is a quick-reference guide compiled by UF Travel.

PST 930 - Travel & Expense

When you are going to attend an In-Service Training (called IST's), please utilize the Program Development & Evaluation Center (PDEC) website to locate everything you need to register for an IST, review course information, travel dates and obtain the agenda. To access PDEC, go to:

Once at the PDEC home page, click on current year In-Service Trainings, then current year Programs, then All Trainings; you can sort the IST information by IST course number, Title or Start Date.

  • Adherence to UF Travel Policies and Guidelines is crucial for reimbursement, so that you don't incur out-of-pocket expenses:
  • Pre-Trip Guidelines: We follow UF's Travel Office Guideline for 'required' TA's (Foreign, Reg Fee and/or Agenda). IMPORTANT: 'Peoplesoft TA' still required even if you've submitted a District-required hard copy TAR
  • ChartField Info: Usually obtained through PDEC website. Also provided by your CED/DED, Deans' Office or County Operations, as needed.