Extension Professional & Enhancement Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Kristie Popa
Alto Straughn 4-H Megan Mann and Vanessa Spero Swingle
Art Hornsby Laura Warner and Maia McGuire
Christine Taylor Waddill Erin Harlow
Dallas Townsend Keith Wynn and Mongi Zekri
Extension Initiative Innovation Team CIVIC Program and Florida Friendly Fishing Guide Certification Program
John and Martha Woeste Laurie Hurner
Johnson County Faculty Heidi Copeland
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Yilin Zhuang and Ramona Madhosingh-Hector
Mary Harrison Samantha Kennedy
Master Gardener Nichelle Demorest
Seymour Goldweber Hardev Sandhu, Henry Mayer and Lindsey Wiggins
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Ramona Madhosingh-Hector and Sheila Dunning
Wells Fargo Michael Andreu, Jim Fletcher and Sanjay Shukla
Sadler Jim Davis and Crystal McCazzio


2016 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Matthew Lollar
Alto Straughn 4-H Susan Munyan and Jonathan Mayer
Art Hornsby Lex Lamm and Guodong Liu
Christine Taylor Waddill Jason Ferrell
Dallas Townsend Nicholas Dufault, James McWhorter
Extension Initiative Innovation Team Gulf Coast Small Farms (GCSF) Initiative
John and Martha Woeste Jiri Hulcr
Johnson County Faculty Lawrence Figart
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Libby Carnahan
Mary Harrison Nan Jensen
Master Gardener James Davis
Seymour Goldweber Edward Evans, Aaron Palmateer, and Tycee Prevatt
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Nicole Crawson and Lloyd Singleton
Wells Fargo Cesar Asuaje and Tatiana Borisova
Sadler Evelyn "Prissy" Fletcher and Brooke Moffis

2015 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Prissy Fletcher
Alto Straughn 4-H Brian Estevez and Debbie Nistler
Art Hornsby Mongi Zekri and Sanjay Shukla
Christine Taylor Waddill Marcus Boston
Dallas Townsend Cindy Sanders and Cliff Lamb
Extension Initiative Innovation Team Naturally EscaRosa
John and Martha Woeste Frank Dowdle
Johnson County Faculty Prudence Caskey
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Lynda Spence
Mary Harrison Heather Janney
Master Gardener BJ Jarvis
Seymour Goldweber Adiran Hunsberger, Brenda Marty-Jimenez, and Qingren Wang
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Nancy Moores
Wells Fargo Robert Northrop and Stephanie Toelle
Sadler Lloyd Singleton and Holly Abeels

2014 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Blake Thaxton - Santa Rosa Cty
Alto Straughn 4-H Shane Michael and Georgene Bender
Art Hornsby Tim Wilson and Crystal Snodgrass
Christine Taylor Waddill Michael Dukes
Dallas Townsend Stephen Futch and Philip Harmon
Extension Initiative Innovation Team Water School Statewide Program
John and Martha Woeste Nicolas DiLorenzo
Johnson County Faculty Yvette Goodiel
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Amy Simonne
Mary Harrison Lynda Spence
Master Gardener Brooke Moffis
Seymour Goldweber Sanjay Shukla, Mongi Zekri and William Kern
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Julie Dillard
Wells Fargo Alexa Lamm and Lisa Krimsky

2013 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Sheila Dunning
Alto Straughn 4-H Heather Kent and Whitney Cherry
Art Hornsby Shannon McGee and Scott Jackson
Christine Taylor Waddill Martha Monroe
Dallas Townsend Mongi Zekri and Joao Vendramini
Extension Initiative Innovation Team Watershed Steward Academy
John and Martha Woeste Susan Haddock
Johnson County Faculty Brenda Williams
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Lynn Barber
Mary Harrison Elaine Courtney
Master Gardener Norma Samuel
Seymour Goldweber Ron Rice and Alicia Betancourt
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Bob Hochmuth
Wells Fargo Michael Dukes and Gene McAvoy

2012 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Christine Kelly-Begazo
Alto Straughn 4-H Julie Dillard and Ben Knowles
Art Hornsby Michael Dukes and Yucong Li
Christine Taylor Waddill Bryan Terry
Dallas Townsend Erin Harlow and Monica Ozores-Hampton
Extension Initiative Innovation Team Sustainable Floridians
John and Martha Woeste Kristi Popa
Johnson County Faculty Allison Meharg
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Heidi Copeland
Mary Harrison Marjorie Moore
Master Gardener Wendy Wilber
Seymour Goldweber Shouan Zhang and Brenda Marty-Jimenez
UF/IFAS Extension Mentor of the Year Shep Eubanks
Wells Fargo Elaine Courtney and Betsy Nayfield-Crisp

2011 Award Winners

Alto and Patrecia Straughn Educational Cindy Sanders
Alto Straughn 4-H John Lilly
Art Hornsby Bob Hochmuth
Christine Taylor Waddill Eugene McAvoy
Dallas Townsend Shep Eubanks and Jason Ferrell
John and Martha Woeste Christopher Martinez
Marshall and Mildred Watkins Andy Toelle
Mary Harrison Mary Beth Salisbury
Master Gardener Carolyn Saft
Seymour Goldweber Les Baucum
Wells Fargo Mark Hostetler