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Our Mission

Dedicated to foster standards of excellence in the Extension System and develop the Extension Profession and Professional.

Since Epsilon Sigma Phi was established in 1927 at Bozeman, Montana, members have worked to strengthen the impact of the Extension System’s ability to address needs of individuals and communities through research based education.

ESP is one of the oldest and is the largest organization of Extension Professionals. Epsilon Sigma Phi is an equal opportunity/affirmative action organization. The organization values and seeks a diverse membership.

2019 Annual ESP Conference

2019 ESP National Conference was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado October 14-17, 2019

Why join ESP and attend the National Conference?

We are just leaving the National ESP Conference in Colorado Springs. The Florida contingent includes 9 agents from different districts. The energy and camaraderie that we enjoyed the last four days were incredible! ESP is an honorary association devoted to improve your professional development. The conference was attended by 250 extension professionals from across the nation. The program included general sessions with incredible keynote speakers and concurrent sessions.

This year the speakers were Dr. Rick Perea, who is a world champion performance psychologist. Using different exercises, he guided us to visualize what we want to accomplish in our professional and personal life and helped us understand what is the difference between a job, a career and a calling! The second speaker was John Register, who is a Paralympic silver medalist. He gave us another amazing speech! How to be swifter, higher and stronger.

The last speaker was Dr. Chuck Hibberd, who is the Dean and Director of Extension at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He focused his speech on how we can practice design thinking, build the ability to innovate and be risk-taking agents. The concurrent sessions also were eye openers. They taught us relevant and practical topics such as how to retire comfortably, how to declutter, learning and problem solving techniques, expanding views of extension through and international professional development, and much more.

You can see some of the presentations at the ESP National website. ESP is the only association that will give you funding for poster or oral presentations! So, why join ESP and attend the conference? It is good to learn and feel different fields out of your background and comfort zone. The other associations are great but are very specific to your field. ESP will give you amazing tools and networking opportunities in order to be a better educator, and most importantly a better human being! See you in Rochester, NY on October 5-8, 2020 for the next ESP National conference!

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