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Florida Association of Extension 4-H Agents

Florida Association of Extension 4-H Agents

Welcome - About us


The Florida Association of Extension 4-H Agents is a professional association committed to developing its members to the highest standards in the youth development profession and serving as a voice for 4-H agents in Florida.  

  • FAE4-HA Board & Officers



    President Geralyn Sachs
    President-Elect Vanessa Spero
    1st Vice-President Kristie Popa
    2nd Vice-President Karen Henry
    Secretary Prudence Caskey
    Treasurer Laura Valencia
    Past President Brent Broaddus


    President Brent Broaddus
    President-Elect Geralyn Sachs
    1st Vice-President Vanessa Spero
    2nd Vice-President Kristie Popa
    Secretary Shaina Spann
    Treasurer Laura Valencia
    Past President Brian Estevez


    President Brian Estevez
    President-Elect Brent Broaddus
    First Vice-President Geralyn Sachs
    Second Vice-President Vanessa Spero
    Secretary Shaina Spann
    Treasurer Laura Valencia
    Past-President Heather Janney


    President Heather Janney
    President-Elect Brian Estevez
    First Vice-President Brent Broaddus
    Second Vice-President Geralyn Sachs
    Secretary Stefanie Duda
    Treasurer Laura Valenciaa
    Past-President Matt Benge


    President Matt Benge
    President-Elect Heather Janney
    First Vice-President Brian Estevez
    Second Vice-President Brent Broaddus
    Secretary Geralyn Sachs
    Treasurer  Shane Michael
    Past-President Julie Pigott Dillard


    President  Julie Pigott Dillard
    President-Elect  Matt Benge
    First Vice-President  Heather Futch
    Second Vice-President Brian Estevez
    Secretary Geralyn Sachs
    Treasurer  Shane Michael
    Past-President Georgene Bender


    President Georgene Bender
    President-Elect Julie Pigott Dillard
    First Vice-President Matt Benge
    Second Vice-President Heather Futch
    Secretary Lauren Hrnricik
    Geralyn Sachs
    Treasurer  Shane Michael
    Past-President Cindy Higgins


    President Cindy Higgins
    President-Elect Georgene Bender
    First Vice-President Julie Pigott Dillard
    Second Vice-President Matt Benge
    Secretary Nancy Moores
    Treasurer  Shane Michael
    Past-President Andy Toelle


    President Andy Toelle
    President-Elect Cindy Higgins
    First Vice-President Georgene Bender
    Second Vice-President Julie Pigott Dillard
    Secretary Nancy Moores
    Treasurer Adam Cletzer
    Past-President Heather Kent


    President Heather Kent
    President-Elect Andy Toelle
    First Vice-President Cindy Higgins
    Second Vice-President Georgene Bender
    Secretary Nicole Walker
    Treasurer Adam Cletzer
    Past-President Pat Hogue


    President Pat Hogue
    President-Elect Heather Kent
    First Vice-President Andy Toelle
    Second Vice-President Cindy Higgins
    Secretary Nicole Walker
    Treasurer Adam Cletzer
    Past-President Debbie Clements


    President Debbie Clements
    President-Elect Pat Hogue
    First Vice-President Heather Kent
    Second Vice-President Andy Toelle
    Secretary Tracy Tesdall
    Treasurer Adam Cletzer
    Past-President Christa Carlson-Kirby


    President Christa Carlson-Kirby
    President-Elect Debbie Clements
    First Vice-President Pat Hogue
    Second Vice-President Heather Kent
    Secretary Tracy Tesdall
    Treasurer Sonja Crawford
    Past-President Marcus Boston


    President Marcus Boston
    President-Elect Christa Carlson
    First Vice-President Debbie Clements
    Second Vice-President Pat Hogue
    Secretary Debbie Nistler
    Treasurer Sonja Crawford
    Past-President Yolanda Goode


    President Yolanda Goode
    President-Elect Marcus Boston
    First Vice-President Christa Carlson
    Second Vice-President Debbie Clements
    Secretary Debbie Nistler
    Treasurer Lynn Michaels
    Past-President Martha Maddox


    President Martha Maddox
    President-Elect Yolanda Goode
    First Vice-President Marcus Boston
    Second Vice-President Christa Carlson
    Secretary Cindy Higgins
    Treasurer Lynn Michaels
    Past-President Suzanne Wilson


    President Suzanne Wilson
    President-Elect Martha Maddox
    First Vice-President Yolanda Goode
    Second Vice-President Marcus Boston
    Secretary Cindy Higgins
    Treasurer Lynn Michaels
    Past-President Lori Wiggins


    President Lori Wiggins
    President-Elect Suzanne Wilson
    First Vice-President Martha Maddox
    Second Vice-President Yolanda Goode
    Secretary Tracy Tesdall
    Treasurer Lynn Michaels
    Past-President John Lilly


    President Kathy Leigh-Wojcik, 
    John Lilly
    President-Elect John Lilly,
    Lori Wiggins
    First Vice-President Lori Wiggins,
    Suzanne Wilson
    Second Vice-President Suzanne Wilson,
    Martha Maddox
    Secretary Tracy Tesdall
    Treasurer Debbie Clements


    President Cindy Higgins
    President-Elect Kathy Leigh-Wojcik
    Vice-President John Lilly
    Secretary Judy Butterfield
    Treasurer Debbie Clements
    Past-President Dot Welch
  • FAE4-HA Membership Dues & Form

     Membership Form - Submit with Payment 

    $240.00 New LIFE Member (Retired)
    $140.00 Annual Membership Renewal Fee* (includes membership for NAE4-HYDP)
    $100.00 New Membership for First-Time Members (includes membership for NAE4-HYDP)
    $125.00 Affiliate 
    Supporter/former agent/other professional Ineligible to vote or hold office.
    $50.00 Student Membership
    $170.00 Renewal Membership & Late Fee

    Make checks payable to FAE4HA, Inc.

    Send payment & membership form to:  

    Prudance Caskey 
    FAE4-HA Treasurer
    UF/IFAS Extension Santa Rosa County

    6263 Dogwood Drive, Milton, FL 32570

    *Members will not be eligible for awards or to hold an office within FAE4-HA if payments are received after November 1st.

  • Credit Card Payment & Form

    Membership Form - Submit with Payment 

    A $5 convenience fee is added to your dues for credit card use.

    FAE4-HA Membership Dues
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • FAE4-HA Annual Reports