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Extension Professional Associations of Florida

Extension Professional Associations of Florida

Access current and previous years' photos

To download the high-resolution files from the gallery linked below, YOU DO NOT need to create a client account. If you are asked to make a client account, then please back up from where you are as you are in the wrong place. Client accounts are for sales purposes only and we do not use that feature. To obtain the high-resolution image files, follow these steps:

After following the link below to your gallery, hover your cursor over any image that appears enlarged in the center of your screen (not the thumbnails) and look for a small black “menu” box to appear in the image corner.  

  1. Move the cursor over the “menu” box and then choose to either download the “original file” or “all originals.”
  2. If you choose to download the single image file you’re currently previewing, you will be asked to enter the password I’ve included below the link in this email. After entering the password, that desired file should download automatically to your downloads folder, or wherever you designated it to go.

If you choose to download all the files at once, you will be asked to enter your email.  Provide your email, then enter the password accompanied with the gallery link below, and a few minutes later an email from Zenfolio will arrive containing links and instructions for downloading one or multiple zip files containing your images.  If it’s a high number of images you are requesting, multiple zip files will be generated and you will need to download all the zip files and open them to extract all the images. 

2022 Gallery

Download password: EPAF2022

Tuesday Communications Breakfast:


Tuesday Friends of Extension Banquet:


Tuesday Oral Presentations, Posters and Candids:


Wednesday DSA Lunch:


Wednesday Oral Presentations and Candids:


Wednesday Deans Dinner and Auction:


Thursday Admin Update:


All Individual Portrait Headshots:


2020 & 2021

Both years' conferences were virtual.

2019 Gallery

Download password: 2019EPAF.

EPAF Monday Gallery:

EPAF Tuesday Gallery:

EPAF Tuesday Portraits Gallery:

EPAF Wednesday Gallery:

EPAF Thursday Morning Gallery:

2018 Gallery

Download password: EPAF2018

2017 Gallery

2017 EPAF Portraits:

password for all: 2017EPAF