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Florida Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals

Florida Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals

Officers and Committees



President Taylor Clem
President Elect Marnie Ward
Secretary Ana Zangroniz
Treasurer Maxine Hunter 
Past President Yilin Zhuang 
ANREP Regional Rep Amy Scaroni

District Directors

District 1 (Northwest) Rachel Pienta 
District 2 (Northeast) Cynthia Nazario 
District 3 (Central) Tina McIntyre
District 4 (Southwest) Shannon Carnevale
District 5 (Southeast) Vincent Encomio



Scholarship Chair: Armando Ubeda  Co-chair: Michael Sipos
Newsletter & Communication Chair: Lorna Bravo  Co-chair: Lisa Strange
Awards & Recognition Chair: Alyssa Vinson  Co-chair: Amanda Marek
Abstract Chair: Kadie McCormick Co-chair: Victor Blanco
Membership Chair: Mark Tancig  Co-chair: Rachel Pienta 
Technology/Website Chair: Julio Perez Co-chair: Kalan Taylor
Policy & Bylaws Chair: Libby Carnahan  Co-chair: Theresa Badurek

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FANREP Bylaws 2013