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Ocala Stockyard COVID-19 Update

Ocala Stockyard is dedicated to ensuring the livestock pertinent to the nation's food supply is not interrupted by Covid-19. We are in contact and cooperation with authorities, buyers, as well as other livestock markets.
We will remain open at this time. Cattle will be accepted Sunday from 1 pm until dark for Monday's sale. Cattle will be accepted for the sale from daylight through sale time.

We would ask your cooperation with the following to ensure the safety of our employees and all those buying and selling cattle.

  • Only approved buyers will be allowed in the sale ring.
  • All checks will be mailed the following day.
  • If you must pick up your check on sale day please call the office to ensure your check is ready before coming to pick it up, we can also bring it to your vehicle if requested.
  • We ask no one to sit in the lobby, cafe, sale ring, or front porch for socializing. We enjoy the tales that are shared among producers as much as you do however, please save them for the days with this is over.
  • All those hauling cattle will be given an Emergency Road Use Permit.

We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to work with authorities to ensure there is not a disruption to the buying and selling of livestock.

Be sure to watch our facebook page for any immediate updates.


Burton Bellamy
Ocala Stockyard
9100 NW Gainesville Rd
Ocala, FL
(352) 732-4454

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