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Extension Administration

Extension Administration


General Information

Updated: July 17, 2019

Here is the policy concerning annual reports of accomplishments and plans of work submission deadline and quality for UF/IFAS Extension county faculty: Coming Soon

  • Your 2019 ROA and 2020 POW report is due December 6, 2019 as one single document
  • There have been a few modifications for 2019. If you are using your 2018 ROA document, you must open the detailed guidelines for the 2019 ROA and add in any changes (in yellow)If you have not completed this step in the past we encourage you to open a  Guidelines 2019 ROA 2020 POW and enter your data.
  • Suggested Timeline (2018 Timeline) for completing your 2019 ROA and 2020 POW EARLY and without stress.
  • Review each section for changes. (some of you may not have added prior years information, so look at all sections and make yours look the same as the sample)
  • The best action for you if you submitted a ROA last year is that you start with that document and turn all old activities, outcomes and impacts from 2018 to BLACK COLOR INK.
  • For your 2019 ROA, report your new publications, grants, accomplished activities, outcomes and impacts and any new information in BLUE COLOR INK.
  • Add in any proposed activities, expected outcomes and impacts in RED COLOR INK for your 2020 POW
  • Guidelines 2019 ROA 2020 POW for the 2019 ROA and 2020 POW
  • Sample objectives to review: , additional 4-HFCSAgricultureNatural Resources, and Horticulture.
  • Guidelines for Writing for Quality Impact/Success Statements/Stories for Workload and Marketing
  • IFAS Workload Data to be entered by Extension faculty on or before January 15 2020. 
  • Self Appraisals due to your DED on or before December 13, 2019.

CEDs, below is a template for you to use for your 2019 Report of Accomplishments and 2020 Plan of Work in your "Program Area" for being a CED.

Example CED POW for Leadership Program

Review of Extension Teaching

Teaching groups in a classroom or workshop setting is one of the many venues we use to instruct our Extension clientele. However, most of us have never received training on how to be an effective teacher, and it is difficult to hone our skills unless we receive honest feedback. This tool was developed to facilitate a critique of the teaching skills of county faculty and program assistants by CEDs. It may be less intimidating if a mentor or peer conducts the review.

Extension Teaching Review Tool

Educational Methods for Extension Programs 

  •  due to your DED on or before December 13, 2019.