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Darryl Palmer
Public Relations Specialist for the Dean of Extension




Strategic communications are a vital component of the mission and vision of UF/IFAS. The materials below are designed to keep faculty and staff engaged, informed, and continually educated about the focus and goals of UF/IFAS. 

Connect with Dr. Johnson

Dr. Johnson, Dean and Director, will periodically publish a blog post highlighting different facets of Extension and the impacts of those services on both the state and local levels. 

Teams Collaboration Tool

Microsoft Teams is a robust communications tool that supports team collaboration and group communication. It creates a hub where multiple forms of communication are  housed and easily accessed.

UF/IFAS Extension Administration Calendar 

This calendar is dedicated to Extension system-wide meetings and events, district meetings and in-services. To add an event, please submit information to 

UF/IFAS Communications

Our Services

Our focus is on developing powerful messages that help drive UF/IFAS forward. These messages are communicated via the bookstore, events, graphic design, photography, news and media relations, publication editing, social media, training, video and web. 

  • Submit a Request

    To submit a project request, please do so using Workfront.

  • Our Platforms
  • Social Media
  • Photography

    UF/IFAS Communications Photography can provide professional imaging in the form of stock photography or documentation of Extension programs when the schedule permits.  Visit our online photo database to search more than 20,000 high res images for your stock photography needs, or visit our Workfront software in order to submit an event photography request form for approval.

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Ask IFAS is a comprehensive, single-source repository of all current UF/IFAS numbered, peer-reviewed publications. Each year, visitors to the Ask IFAS website access over 6,500 free publication titles more than 17.5 million times.

The Ask IFAS website is the public-facing component of the EDIS publication system. For UF/IFAS authors, there is also the EDIS peer-reviewed journal and the EDIS administrative dashboard.

Authors of the articles made available on Ask IFAS submit them first to the EDIS journal (ISSN 2576-0009), where they undergo peer review and administrative approval prior to acceptance for publication on Ask IFAS. The EDIS journal is also where the articles will continue to be available as a permanent academic record of the authors’ work.

The EDIS dashboard is where the accepted manuscripts get turned into web articles and PDFs for Ask IFAS, where the topics and expert lists are managed, and where UF/IFAS experts can manage their articles to ensure that the most relevant and accurate information is always available to Ask IFAS users.

UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education

The UF/IFAS Center for Public Issues Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources (or "PIE Center") examines how people think about, form, and act on opinions regarding complex agricultural and natural resources issues. The PIE Center's research and educational programs help enable the public and policymakers to make informed decisions about Florida's agriculture and natural resources sectors.