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Brenda Rogers
Southwest District Extension Director

Strategic Initiatives

UF/IFAS Across Florida   

UF/IFAS Extension is a statewide network of experts that fulfills the UF/IFAS outreach mission by partnering with communities to provide high-quality, relevant education and research-based expertise to foster healthy people, healthy environments and healthy communities.

All UF/IFAS Extension offices disseminate science-based information to clients, helping them solve problems related to agriculture, horticulture, natural resources, water, energy, youth, families and communities. Below you will find some of our current impacts and future goals.  



  • Strategic Staffing

    The future of UF/IFAS Extension must be informed by a strategic approach to allocate the organization’s human resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. This approach should position our resources in a way that allows the most significant issues faced by our clientele – today and in the future – to be effectively addressed by expert teams using multifaceted strategies.

    In 2015, a UF/IFAS Extension committee was charged  to develop a proactive strategy for allocating Extension’s current and future human resources in the most effective, efficient, and impactful way in the coming years. This charge was driven by the need for Extension’s educational programs to provide meaningful solutions to general audiences and specialized clientele, while fulfilling our responsibility to optimally manage organizational resources at all levels.

  • Revenue Enhancement

    The objective of the Revenue Enhancement Steering Committee was  to provide policy and procedural recommendations to the Dean for Extension and the Extension Administration Leadership Team that will create a consistent and uniform approach for diversifying the IFAS Extension funding portfolio.

    Components of this objective include:

    • Professional development for faculty,
    • Streamline revenue collection, banking, and disbursement processes
    • Review and improve capacity to build and manage Extension program budgets
    • Setting appropriate program fees
    •  Emphasize simplicity

    Revenue Enhancement for Florida Cooperative Extension Final report 

  • Urban Initiative

    Florida’s populations is over 20 million people and growing. Most of the state’s populations growth is in its urban centers.  UF/IFAS Extension is addressing the unique needs of these stakeholders  through its urban Extension initiative.

  • Extension Engagement

    As UF/IFAS Extension works toward increasing engagement with other UF entities, we have created a document to help us track our current and recent collaborations. This document can help provide you and your constituents with ideas about how to work with UF in new ways, and provides information about departments and faculty members we have worked with, as well as what the projects entailed. It's important to note that this is a fluid document, and will need to be updated regularly, so if you have any new collaborations developing, or if any information listed is incomplete or incorrect, please let us know!

    For more information about engagement with UF, please contact Karla Shelnutt at or (352) 392-1761.