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Extension Administration

Extension Administration

Civil Rights

At the end of each program year, the Florida Cooperative Extension Service is required to submit a report concerning Extension faculty compliance with the standards contained in the Florida Extension Service Civil Rights (CR) Plan. Please read the CR report instructions, all CEDs are to complete the CR Summary Checklist before April 1, 2022. The Resources and Basics are for all to use in preparing for CR state and federal check-ups. 

Faculty and staff can also login and use this resource page: Extension Administration Resources





Diversity and Legal/EEO Statements in Spanish and Creole can be found on this page: 

Café Latino and resources in Spanish:


Periodically the issue arises as to what our equal opportunity statement (civil rights statement) should contain. The university policy requires that the statement "An Equal Opportunity Institution" be placed on stationery, newsletters, brochures, and all other publications. Visit UF's institutional equity and diversity for more information . If you have specific questions, please feel free to contact the IFAS HR Director directly. Denise Bogart, PHR, Director, IFAS Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion.