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Extension Administration

Extension Administration


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Dr. John Diaz
Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Gulf Coast Research and Education Center

Jonael Bosques-Menendez
County Extension Director and Agricultural Agent
Hardee County 

Karla Shelnutt
Associate Professor
Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences 

Laura Valencia
Extension Agent
Osceola County


About CAFE Latino

CAFE Latino is a coalition of faculty and Extension professionals for Latinos/Hispanics, serving the needs of the Latino/Hispanic population in Florida. 

  • Mission

    CAFE Latino Mission

    Advance the mission of Florida's land-grant universities by ensuring equity, inclusion, and full participation of Latino/Hispanic youth, families and communities in the benefits and leadership of Cooperative Extension.

  • Vision

    CAFE Latino Vision

    Florida Cooperative Extension at all levels shall reflect the demographics, cultures, and aspirations of our diverse youth, families and communities. Latinos/Hispanic youth, families and communities shall be engaged partners in Cooperative Extension. 

  • Committees

    CAFE Latino Committees

    To promote a sustainable service organization, CAFE Latino created a decision-making executive committee responsible for providing strategic direction. CAFE Latino also developed “Program Area Teams,” with associated program leads to streamline the process for addressing service requests, and also to promote the proactive development of materials and products that are needed in each program area across the state.

    • Training Committee: Develops training for Extension faculty and staff related to cultural, program development, and evaluation competencies
    • Transcreation and Publication Committee: Manages the process for connecting Spanish transcreation/publication system needs with appropriate CAFE Latino subject matter experts. This committee also develops plan to advance the capacity and efficacy of these efforts
    • Communications/Marketing: Develops communications plans and materials to inform internal and external audiences of the needs of Hispanic/Latino communities and the work being done by CAFE Latino
    • Funding: Develops and implements plans to attain funding to increase the capacity of the CAFE Latino group to serve the system and implement new projects

  • Membership List

    CAFE Latino Membership List

  • Awards

    CAFE Latino Awards

    • John Diaz: Superior Accomplishment Award in Diversity and Inclusion; Diversity Difference Maker. 
    • Jonael Bosques Mendez: RESPECT AWARD (DEI Award)

 CAFE Latino Calendar